P.O.H. “wonderful addition” to Lethbridge’s Catholic Central High School

This past week National Coordinator Charlene Bearhead received this wonderful report from Lethbridge’s Shelley Kirkvold, teacher and recent first-time partner with Project of Heart:

Hello Charlene,

I was fortunate to attend one of your sessions at the Southern Alberta Teachers Convention in Lethbridge last year. You need to know how much of an impact you had on me and how it is now reflected in the way I teach my students. The resources that you provided have been a wonderful addition to my lessons. The 100 Years of Loss banners and tiles / cards from the Project of the Heart has provided a meaningful connection to the past and reconiciliation for a brighter future.

Having said that, I have taught two grade ten classes that have completed tiles for the Project of the Heart.

I am hoping to get some mailing information as they are ready to go. We have also taken a picture to place into our yearbook and on the website showing what is happening in our classrooms.

Again, thank you for making such a wonderful impact,

Shelley Kirkvold

Catholic Central High School – Lethbridge

Project of Heart would like to thank Shelly for following up on the contact made at the SATC last year, and bringing the project to her learners in Lethbridge. UPDATE: Tiles created by Shelley’s students will be made into pins for survivors that will be handed out at the Alberta TRC event in Edmonton in March.

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