Young leaders take the helm at Covenant Chain V


The events at at the Diocesan Centre in Ottawa on October 18th will go down as “making history” in Project of Heart’s diary.
For the first time at a Kairos Covenant Chain Link conference, youth took over the plenary and guided the delegates through a session given by Shannen’s Dream Team from the National Capital region. Seven area students​ spoke of their journey of activism, inspired by First Nation youth Shannen Koustachen of Attawapiskat. Continue reading

Chrysler Corporation in the Motor City to welcome Project of Heart

drum flyer 2014Project of Heart is thrilled to finally arrive in the U.S.A!

We have received the news that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in Detroit will be presenting POH for Native American Month in November.

Jay Jones, of Potawatomi and Ojibwa decent, is a Senior Designer and co-chair of the First Nations Group at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. He tells us, “We are in a building that has 16,000 people on any given day.  I hope we have to turn people away.”

The event will most certainly be an eye-opener for most, but will have special significance for Jay. Susie Jones, Jay’s mother, is the honoured guest. As an IRS survivor, Susie will share her story as gestures of reconciliation are created to honour those who did not. Continue reading

Salmon Arm Secondary remembers the lost children of Anahim and St. George’s


Under the leadership of teacher Chelsea Prince, Salmon Arm Secondary completed Project of Heart by commemorating the students who attended Anahim IRS and St. George’s IRS, both in British Columbia.

Teaching this painful part of Canadian history was taken to heart by Salmon Arm students, as their heart-felt reflections (below the bump) so aptly demonstrate.

Project of Heart is grateful to the students and Ms. Prince for the effort that was taken to learn about this under-taught part of our shared history.  Meegwetch. Continue reading

Pringle Creek P.S. — “End result was astounding”


Sometimes we wonder: is there is a school board in Canada more committed to teaching the truth about the Residential School era than the Durham District School Board in Ontario?

Once again a committed Durham Board teacher, Kimberly Hutt from Pringle Creek Public School, has partnered with Project of Heart to create a powerful learning experience.

Here’s Kimberley, in her own words: Continue reading

“Your culture is rich and beautiful, so I’m sorry you lost part of it in the school.”

Editor’s note: This report was submitted to us by Jeff Myck, Social 10-1 Teacher, Tofield School, Alberta.

31 students from Tofield School attended the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Education Day on Thursday, March 27 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton.

The day was filled with information explaining to students the plight of those who attended Indian Residential Schools in Canada. Students listened and engaged in the sessions on “Stereotypes of Aboriginal Peoples” and a round-table talk with “Intergenerational Survivors of Residential Schools”. Some perceptions and comments from my grade 10 social studies class are mentioned below in postcards that are being sent to survivors. Tiles were also created as a gesture of reconciliation (see attached photos). Continue reading

Teacher candidates at Ottawa U get mini-immersion in Project of Heart


What could be more timely and relevant, than doing Project of Heart in the “Creating Healthy, Safe, and Supportive Learning Environments” (PED 3139) course at the University of Ottawa?

This past week, 40 teacher candidates from Warren McBride’s class participated in each step of Project of Heart, learning the truths of Canada’s Indian Residential Schools. Continue reading