Step 5 – Social Justice Action

Action is the more important part of learning.

If we don’t take what we have learned and apply it to our lives we have not respected the learning that our Elders and teachers have given to us. In Step 5 of Project of Heart we chose an action that will make things better in our communities and our society.

The learner group now has the task of selecting a Social Justice Action that they will participate in to help to bring about positive change in their school, their community, our country or our world. As you scroll down the list that we have provided below your learner group will select one or more Social Justice Actions to take part in. Learner groups may also develop their own Social Justice Action. Project of Heart is always excited to hear about, support and spread the word about new Social Justice Actions that learner groups are undertaking in their own way.

Jordan’s Principle is a child-first principle named in memory of Jordan River Anderson, a First Nation child from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba. In 2016, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ordered the Federal Government to take measures to implement the full meaning and scope of the Principle.


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Beaa witness!

The I am a Witness Campaign invites organizations and people of all ages to follow and learn about the discrimination case against the Federal Government launched in 2007. The Caring Society has been in a legal battle for 10 years, and it’s been over a year since Canada was ordered by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to stop the unfair treatment. As of 2017 the Federal Government still has not complied. Please read about the ruling and find out what it means. 


Write to the Prime Minister ( or the Minister of Indigenous Affairs  or your Member of Parliament to demand that Canada work with First Nations to set things right and put an end to discrimination.

To learn more and sign-up please visit:

Is a walk and letter-writing event supporting culturally based equity for First Nations children. It’s a great opportunity for schools, universities, faith groups, book clubs, or ANY organization in your area to write letters to your Member of Parliament  and the Prime Minister ( supporting First Nations children and their fight for culturally based equity, and organize a walk to a mailbox in your community and drop those letters in!


Shannen’s Dream      Shannen Koostachin, a youth Education activist from Attawapiskat First Nation in Ontario had a dream for safe and comfy schools and culturally based education. There are too many schools on reserves in Canada that pose health concerns–mold, sewage, rodent infestations, lack of heat, the list goes on.

Shannen died in an accident when she was 15 but her dream lives on.  Go to and be part of the Have a Heart Campaign.


Write the  Prime Minister and your MP and tell them that it’s way past time for First Nations children to have what every other child in Canada takes for granted–safe and comfy schools!
To learn more and sign-up please visit:

Have a Heart – Get Involved – Spread the Word
The Have a Heart campaign invites individuals to support culturally based equity for First Nations children living on reserve. On February 14, Valentine’s Day, show your love, unity and compassion by engaging in respectful activities that support equity for First Nations children so that each and every child in Canada is treated fairly and can grow up happy. Take action! Together we can ensure that First Nations children and youth have a brighter future!

To learn more and support Have a Heart please visit:

Write a letter in support of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake
Urge the Federal Government to respect the traditional leadership selection process of the Barriere Lake Community and end its attempt to impose Section 74 Indian Act band elections.

To write your letter please visit:


Dotthe Kairos Blanket Exercise

This exercise will set Project of Heart into context–the Indian Residential Schools were only ONE of a number of actions that the Federal Government enacted to colonize and assimilate Indigenous peoples in Canada. Contact your local Kairos team so you can bring this exercise into your school, church, university, yoga group, any organization that wants to learn  more of the truth of our county’s history.


Justice for Indigenous Women

Project of Heart has birthed an organization called Justice for Indigenous Women.  Participants are invited to take their decorated tiles created in part 3 of POH and use them to learn more about the systemic discrimination against Indigenous women in Canada.

Make a “witness piece”, a piece of jewelry made from your decorated tile, and wear it to give testament to the resilience of Indigenous peoples, despite the attempts at genocide carried by the colonial state. Participants will learn how to educate others through their art! They are then invited to enact any of the social justice actions on the website or go to the Amnesty International choice on this page.