St. Mary Catholic Secondary commemorates students from Caribou and St. Mary IRS

Teachers Alanna Brown, Cathie McDavid, Ms. Ginesi, and Colleen Hudson of St.Mary Catholic Secondary School in Pickering, Ontario went on a journey of discovery with their respective classes this past June, learning about the IRS system in Canada and gaining a glimpse into the Aboriginal world-view as they listened to the teachings of Elder and IRS survivor, Cliff Standingready.

Coordinator of Project of Heart for St. Mary students, was teacher Alannah Brown. Brown states, “What a beautiful ceremony! I was so proud of our students for their participation and so honoured to have Mr. Standingready come to our school.”

Project of Heart thanks the teachers and students of St. Mary for their gestures of reconciliation and Elder Cliff Standingready, for making history come to life. This article from has more on the impact of the project in the St. Mary classroom.

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