Arran Tara Elementary remembers the students of St. Albert IRS

Grade 5/6 teacher, Nanci Cameron, delivered Project of Heart to her elementary students in Tara, Ontario with the help of Aboriginal Lead Teacher, Ray Auger. The students commemorated the lives lost at St. Albert Indian Residential School in Alberta.  Nanci states, “We learned so much about the Indian Residential Schools, and the crisis in Attawapiskat, and my students really wanted to help.”

Her students worked to very tight time-lines, but the seriousness with which they approached the topic, allowed them to not only complete the module in a timely fashion, but to to take what they learned to heart.

For the civic action piece, students participated in the June 11th “Our Dreams Matter Too” walk, sponsored by the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society.  Cameron states,

We wrote letters to the Prime Minister voicing our concerns about the need for equity in schools all across Canada and delivered them to the local Post Office on June 11th.  Shortly after, we began to decorate our tiles.  I was incredibly impressed with how seriously my students approached the tiles and how respectful and responsible they were with the Project.

Project of Heart wants to thank Arran Tara Elementary, and especially the students and their teacher, Nanci Cameron, for their active engagement in Project of Heart!

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