Regina’s St. Bernadette Catholic School embraces Project of Heart

Teacher Karen Goodon of St. Bernadette Catholic School brought Project of Heart to her school and her community this past term. Students’ hearts were truly in the endeavour, as they decorated their tiles in memory of the students who went to the Sturgeon Landing Indian Residential School.

Elder Mike Pinay was invited to talk to student and smudge the tiles. 

Karen says “There was a lot of discussion about this project and Residential Schools on the website of our newspaper, the Leader Post.”  The students also appeared on Global TV News where Project of Heart was discussed along with the name of the historical I.R.S. whose students were commemorated.  States Goodon, ‘You can see that this project has had a meaningful effect on everyone involved.”

Project of Heart was also used to kick-off “Shannen’s Dream”, the largest student-led campaign in Canada advocating equity in funding for First Nations children in Education

Project of Heart congratulated the staff at St. Bernadette and the students who are helping to keep other children’s dreams alive.  Watch out for the St. Bernadette students on June 11th at the “Our Dreams Matter Too” walk for culturally-based equity for First Nations children in education, health, and child-welfare.  They’ll be at the legislature reading their letters, and raising their voices on behalf of those who can’t be there in person.

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