CBC Cameras come to Port Perry for Project of Heart

Editor’s note: This report reaches us from Port Perry (Ontario) High School teacher Nancy Hamer-Strahl:

The CBC was at Port Perry High Schools Thursday, March 24th and June 3rd 2011. They came to film our Grade 12 French Immersion History class and the Grade 10 Canadian History class participating in Project of Heart. The CBC was very interested in the work the student had produced. Producer Nathalie Bibeau had this to say about the documentary series:

The CBC and Radio-Canada are producing a 4-part series on Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples. More than 500 years after first crossing paths, the relationship remains very troubled by misunderstandings, injustice and inequality. The series will look at the best ideas for moving forward to creating a new partnership in Confederation. The first episode of this series will focus on the questions of why we need to fix the relationship and some ideas on how to begin that process. As part of this effort, we would like to film a scene at Port Perry High School with the students who are participating in the Project of Heart with Mrs. Nancy Hamer Strahl. The project illustrates a very positive way to bridge the gap between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals by educating young people about residential schools and related issues which contribute to the situation today. It is certainly an excellent example of the way forward to a better understanding of each other.

Congratulations to the students of Port Perry High School – once again you have proven that your work is worthy of national attention!

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