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Carleton University journalism students investigate Project of Heart

The Friday Show is a project of Master’s students in journalism Carleton University; the show takes an in-depth at issues that are national in scope.

In this excerpt the Friday shows examines the experience of Project of Heart through the voices of traditional Elder Willy Bruce and student participant Violet Rosehart from Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate Site.

Also heard is POH coordinator Sylvia Smith as she indentifies what she believes is the “missing ingredient” in the historical narrative taught in our schools.

Click on the player below to hear the audio excerpt; it’s a concise piece that runs about three minutes.

“If the truth about residential schools was taught…

..mainstream Canadians wouldn’t profess such ignorance”

So says Winnipeg educator Angela Busch in this special report filed earlier this week by CBC reporter Karen Paul for the Stolen Children series on Radio One; it’s an interview with students from Project of Heart partner school Southeast Collegiate in Winnipeg and was recorded with teacher Angela’s history class. Continue reading “If the truth about residential schools was taught…

Waiting for the apology: Project of Heart on CBC Ottawa Morning

On the day before the Prime Minister’s official apology CBC Ottawa asked Project of Heart’s Greta Neepin and Sylvia Smith into the studio to talk about what the apology means to survivors and how the residential school era is being taught in schools like Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate Site.

The segment includes interviews with Wyn Wood students Violet Roseheart and Tommy Peacock.


Our thanks PODCO New Media for converting the file to podcast format.