Winnipeg: Hugh John MacDonald School partners with POH to learn Canada’s real history

A big POH shout-out goes to Grade 7 and 8 students of teacher Guillermo Vodniza at Hugh John MacDonald School in Winnipeg, who did an outstanding job of educating themselves — and their community — about the experiences of young children who attended Indian Residential Schools in Manitoba.

Vodniza’s social studies and English Language Arts students began their Project of Heart journey — learning about the hidden truths of Canadian history — in the fall of 2017. They completed it this winter and the students’ gestures of reconciliation include poignant pieces of visual art, a video, and a class letter signed “Team Humility” which was sent to Indigenous and Canadian government leaders in their community and the province.

When Project of Heart asked Vodniza what his primary goal for his students was as a teacher, he replied, “To teach my students that our actions can play a positive role in our community.” And what a role they have played! Through their art, activism, and community-building that celebrates the importance of relationships, the students at Hugh John MacDonald School can be proud of their contributions to bringing heightened awareness and action to respecting Indigenous people’s rights.

From Project of Heart, we want to thank you, students of Guillermo Vodniza at Hugh John MacDonald School!

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