Have a Heart for First Nations Children: Ottawa Project of Heart students take to the Hill


On February 10 students from Elizabeth Wyn Wood school in Ottawa made the decision to join with and support hundreds of other students from the National Capital area on Parliament Hill as they voiced their concerns to Prime Minister Stephen Harper–loud and clear!

Here’s Laura Lentz, spokesperson for the Wyn Wood students:

“For a country that claims to have fundamental morals of equality, fair treatment and appreciation for all cultures and religions, this is certainly anything but that. The discriminatory policies and practices that you, Mr. Harper, continue to treat First Nations children with, are clear examples of mistreatment and neglect. It is the 21st century. let’s abolish racism and start to understand, appreciate and honour the beauty of First Nations beliefs. They are truly remarkable cultures with so many benefits to bring to this country. Wouldn’t you rather live by each other’s happiness and not misery? let’s put an end to this horrendous discrimination. This world and country has room for everyone. The good earth is rich and we can provide for everyone! I ask you, Mr. Harper, to open up your heart and take a lesson or two from the Aboriginal peoples of this country. You could learn a few things about love, respect, and equality, and from there, begin the journey to reconciliation that we need so badly. Let’s start with equity for First Nations children, in all aspects of their lives, NOW!”

Students from across the National Capital read their letters, sang songs, and cheered loud enough to make sure their voices would reach those who have the power to make equity a reality. The Aboriginal People’s Television Network was on hand to file this report.

Project of Heart salutes Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate students for their commitment to social justice and for standing up for First Nations children on reserves across this country.

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