Young leaders take the helm at Covenant Chain V


The events at at the Diocesan Centre in Ottawa on October 18th will go down as “making history” in Project of Heart’s diary.
For the first time at a Kairos Covenant Chain Link conference, youth took over the plenary and guided the delegates through a session given by Shannen’s Dream Team from the National Capital region. Seven area students​ spoke of their journey of activism, inspired by First Nation youth Shannen Koustachen of Attawapiskat.

Delegates were inspired to hear young people succinctly and passionately speak
of their experiences over four years of doing solidarity work in their schools, addressing the human rights violations of First Nations youth in Canada.

After experiencing the presentation, one participant said “There’s hope for the future when young people like this can address a crowd, speaking from their hearts about why Canadians need to stand up and not be bystanders to injustice.”  Another participant chimed in with “Their teachers must be exemplary!”

Interested conference attenders had the pleasure of hearing more from Shannen’s Dream Team as these same youth presented a workshop on Project of Heart in the afternoon. 

The team at POH couldn’t be more pleased with these ambassadors for justice, along with their teachers and parents.  Meegwetch — We hope to hear a lot more from you in the near future!

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