Teacher candidates at Ottawa U get mini-immersion in Project of Heart


What could be more timely and relevant, than doing Project of Heart in the “Creating Healthy, Safe, and Supportive Learning Environments” (PED 3139) course at the University of Ottawa?

This past week, 40 teacher candidates from Warren McBride’s class participated in each step of Project of Heart, learning the truths of Canada’s Indian Residential Schools.

Students listened intently as the Project of Heart facilitator walked students through all 6 steps, all the while iterating why students of all ages need to be learning curriculum content that marries the intellectual and the emotional parts of the learner.

McIntosh IRS survivor, Helen K., will receive the Survivor Card teacher-candidates made for her, as they were commemorating the lives of the students who attended that school. Taken from her home and family at 4 years of age, Helen will be assured her experiences have been validated– that teachers have been informed and are equipped to educate young people about this part of Canadian history that has been sorely neglected.

Thank you to Warren McBride and the Ottawa U. students for helping to build positive relationships–inside the classroom and outside the classroom!


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