Project of Heart students brave the snow to speak out for F.N. children


The “Have a Heart for First Nations Children” rally got under-way on unceded Algonquin Territory with Elizabeth Wyn Wood students in Ottawa joining up with Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elemetary School students from Gatineau, Quebec.

Hundreds of students in the National Capital area joined up with labour, church, and Parliamentary representatives to support the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society and the Assembly of First Nations in their demands for equity for First Nations children in child welfare, health, and education.

Elizabeth Wyn Wood students’ social justice actions as part of Project of Heart were as varied as signing up as witnesses to the FNCFCS discrimination complaint to writing letters to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Bernard Valcourt.

See Official Opposition Critic for Ethics Charlie Angus for his presentation in the House of Commons at 11:00 am that day:

A huge “meegwetch” goes out from Project of Heart to Elizabeth Wyn Wood and Pierre Elliott Trudeau! Well done!


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