University of Regina pre-service teachers help to remember students of Pangnirtung Federal Hostel

A four-tile panel being decorated by F.W.Johnson student


Faculty of Education students and staff at the University of Regina were able to see beautifully decorated Project of Heart wooden tiles for two weeks while on display at the University. Pre-service teachers, students of Dr. Jennifer Tupper, incorporated Project of Heart into their practicum while on placement at F.W. Johnson Secondary.
Pre-service teacher Todd M. had this to say:

“First of all, I would like to say that I am thankful for having been able to particpate in Project of Heart and having been able to explore Residential Schools and their impact with the students from F.W. Johnson. While our lessons did not always run perfectly, I found being able to teach such an emotionally intense subject as Residential Schools helped me prepare for future lessons and classrooms I will be in.

Through the process of Project of Heart, I learned a lot about Residential Schools myself as well, and I feel I have a deeper understanding of the events that occurred with the schools.

Project of Heart was a wonderful way to explore and commemorate the impact of Residential Schools, and I would definitely like to use a program like this in the future.”


Project of Heart would like to thank all the young people of F.W. Johnson Secondary, as well as the pre-service teachers and Dr. Tupper who made it all happen.

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