Students in Albert Bridge, Nova Scotia Learn “The greatest life lessons are not found in a text book…”

The grade 6 students of Riverside Elementary were deeply moved by the survivor Bob Pictou’s presentation. The students were captivated from the initial talk which lasted over 2 hours. Bob was accompanied by Nancy Oakley, Project of Heart Commemoration Project organizer for Nova Scotia, and her father.

Teacher Kevin Linden wrote:

I spoke to Bob and related just how similar his story was to those we studied about in the Holocaust many years previous. It is essential that their stories be told. For there are many untold stories still out there and children need to hear about the cruel injustices inflicted upon these innocent children. I watched intently as my class composed of 18 boys and 1 girl listen to Bob’s story. One young boy spoke from the heart and said to me afterwards. “That is like my sister who is six being taken from my family and not ever been seen again for 7 years. I can’t even think about that as it saddens and angers me.” How very true and insightful.

As Bob spoke I was filled with emotion and filled up many times as I listened and visualized his tragic story. His strength and resilience to tell his story is a true testament to what his purpose is in life.

The greatest life lessons are not found in a text book but told from the heart.

Thank you so much for this amazing gift to teach children about resilience and respect.

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