Peninsula Shores District School Remembers the Children of Shingwauk and St. Phillips


Teacher Timothy Cooper and his Grade 9 Native Studies students from Peninsula Shores District School in Wiarton Ontario recently took a plunge into Project of Heart, immersing themselves in new knowledge about the IRS era in Canada. In Cooper’s own words, “I stumbled upon it while watching the CBC’s “8th Fire” television series. The reaction was extraordinary. Without exception, the students were excited and determined to get involved, and I promised them I would investigate the possibility of making our own contribution.”

And a contribution they DID make. The students commemorated the young lives lost at the Shingwauk IRS as well as St. Phillip IRS in Saskatchewan. Project of Heart is thankful that the students at Peninsula Shores got the ball rolling, and that their teacher saw it through to completion. Congratulations for spirit you have brought to Project of Heart in the remembering of those children!


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