Woodroffe High School students commemorate children from Bishop Horden Hall in Moose Factory

Native Studies teacher Jaden Lairson from Woodroffe High School in Ottawa recently led students through Project of Heart.  Here’s what Jaden had to say about the experience:

“The year Woodroffe HS offered a Native Studies course for the first time. Students from a wide variety of backgrounds registered and began an exploration of the values, beliefs, and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.  A key part of their study was coming to terms with the legacy of Indian Residential Schools and the impact they have had on native communities across the county.  Our students participated in Project of Heart and it gave them a chance to make a personal connection to the pain, suffering, and abuse that so many faced in this grossly misguided policy of assimilation that is such an affront to basic human rights.  Some students had personal family connections to the IRS whose “lost children” we commemorated.  They provided inspiration for our learners.  It was a chance to build empathy and understanding for those who suffered so needlessly in this terrible example of ethnic cleansing.  Thank you for the opportunity.”

Project of Heart says, “Meegetch” to the Native Studies students at Woodroffe High School!

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