Dunbarton HS to Prime Minister: “Aboriginal Women are Loved and Valued”

Pickering, Ontario teacher Jenny Brown recently worked with her Dunbarton HS  students to decorate over 900 tiles to commemorating the children who lost their lives at Cecilia Jeffrey IRS in Kenora, Ontario, Grollier Hall IRS in Inuvik, NWT, and St. Peter’s IRS in Hay River, NWT.

With the students as they learned about Canada’s history during this dark era was Andrew Wesley, and IRS survivor and clergyperson.  Brown states, “The visit by Andrew was great.  My students were very moved by the experience and will never forget it!”

But Brown’s students didn’t stop there. They learned about Canada’s inaction on the drinking water crisis faced by First Nations people living on reserves and how it is shaming our country internationally. They then signed the water petition (please check out Amnesty International’s easy-to-join campaign to help you take meaningful action about this calamity). Students also signed Amnesty International’s petition called, “No More Stolen Sisters” to address the epidemic of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.

Congratulations Dunbarton High!

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