Students’ social justice action helps bring Charlie’s body back home


Google satellite image of Peawanuck, Northern Ontario – population 250

As the social justice component of their Project of Heart learning module, students from G.L. Roberts in Oshawa, Ontario raised $400.00 for the family of Charlie Hunter, a 13 year old Cree student who drowned while at Indian Residential School in Moosonee.–charlie-hunter-s-finally-home-with-his-family

Shelley Diamond, the native studies teacher whose students make the crafts and raised the money through direct sales both at their school as well as at a two day Metis Celebration in downtown Oshawa, had this to say about their fund-raising experience:

“People even donated money without buying sometimes. This blew the students away! It was a great way for them to learn the power of words and the importance of communication. They really enjoyed when they could tell the story to strangers and have them understand too!”

Huge congratulations to the students and their teacher, at G.L.Roberts! When bureaucracy wouldn’t do the right thing, you helped make Charlie’s family’s dream come a reality. May you now rest in peace, Charlie Hunter.


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