Chess Match of Cultural Genocide

Opposing forces, stand strong
on checkered board
of governmentality.
Vast fields of action
past and present.

Rules—unknown, unclear
complicated, ever-changing
without definition,
Unfair advantage-
vulnerable entrapment.

Pawns—First Nations societies
options and manoeuvres are few,
expendable entities.
Restricted moves-
of colonialism.

The Queen’s armies
defending “their” territory
minute allotments of land.
Geographic social spaces-
settlements and reservations.

Bishops—missionary social order
backed by royalty
and a clear conscience.
Stripping languages, childhoods and agency-
doing gods work?

Knights—armored oppressors
poised for tactical attack
ambush the unknown, unwilling.
Undermining intelligence-
paternalistic authority.

Rooks—towering organizations
corporations and global economy
silently lurking in corners.
Casting big shadows-
of entitlement and affluence.

Offense or defense?
Impossibilities for advancement
difficult to move, breathe or speak
without significant sacrifice
or range of influence.

Powerful structures—bureaucracy
influencing actions, policies
demanding conformity.
Supposedly maintaining balance-
inequitable justice.

Distraction, intimidation, domination
dangling financial carrots
tied up with legalese
and indirect subtleties.
We call your bluff.

Pawns in poverty and servitude,
plucked from a playing field
by masterful, invisible
mechanisms in control-
cultural genocide.


-Christina Johns

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