Tiles smudged at Ottawa high school

SmudgingOn March 20 residential school survivors and honoured guests joined students and staff at Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate School in Ottawa at the first-ever tile-smudging ceremony for Project of Heart.Our thanks go out to Lisgar Collegiate student Petra Smith who photographed the event; an annoted slideshow of the morning’s programme can be seen here.

( note: if you don’t see the descriptions at first, hover your mouse over the centre of the photo and click on the “i” that will appear. )

Delighting the audience with a high-tempo performance were the dancers from the Urban Aboriginal School – our thanks go out to them for coming across the city to join us for this special programme of events.

For those interested in viewing the “What Can I Do?” aspect of the project, click here to see examples of student/staff contributions.

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