Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada This website contains information regarding the TRC including information regarding the goals of the TRC; Establishment, Powers, Duties and Procedures of the Commission; Responsibilities; the Indian Residential School Survivor Committee; and more. You will also find Frequently Asked Questions, News and TRC videos, and National Events!

Alberta Healing Foundation– The AHF provides resources that promote reconciliation and encourage and support Aboriginal in building and reinforcing sustainable healing processes that address the legacy of physical, sexual, mental, cultural, and spiritual abuses in the residential school system. Visit their website to read their annual reports as well as news and announcements.

Legacy of Hope Foundation – Legacy of Hope is a national Aboriginal charitable organization whose purposes are to educate, raise awareness and understanding of the legacy of residential schools, including the effects and intergenerational impacts on First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, and to support the ongoing healing process of Residential School Survivors.
Visit the Legacy of Hope website for more information regarding their resources and projects, as well as various ways to get involved.

First Nations Child and Family Caring Society – Visit the FN Caring Society’s website for information on how to get involved in your community and make a difference. View their “News” section for articles regarding current Aboriginal matters including: Child Welfare and Human Rights issues.

CBC News: Truth and Reconciliation -– This link provides many resources regarding the History, Timeline, Frequently Asked Questions, and CBC stories on Indian Residential Schools and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

CBC News: A History of Indian Residential Schools in Canada -– This link describes the history of Residential Schools in Canada, and also contains various links regarding the Apology, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and Frequently Asked Questions.

UBC Indigenous Foundations: The Residential School System – On this website you will find:

  •   Information on Residential Schools, including what they were, what led to them, the living conditions, the shift away from IRS, long-term effects of IRS, and the official government Apology.
  •  Information regarding Government Policies such as: The Indian Act, Bands, Indian Status, Bill C-31, and Enfranchisement. As well as a description of Indian Reserves, The Sixties Scoop & Aboriginal child welfare
  •  Information regarding Aboriginal Culture, Politics, and Community
  •  And Global Indigenous Issues