Teacher Guides/Lesson Plans

Many organizations have already constructed curriculum that you may find useful with your learner group.

The First Nation Child and Family Caring Society have constructed lesson plans that assist educators that aim to teach about social justice issues.
These guides include campaigns which FNCFCS promote and encourage all Canadians to create awareness and make a difference! This organization has invited Project of Heart participants to use the following lesson ideas while completing Step 5 (or with any class)! Choose your grade level:

Education Resources K-2
Education Resources 3-6
Education Resources 7-8
Education Resources 9-12

The Law Project was created by Monro Communications for British Columbia Social Studies Teachers’ Association. This website lets users explore issues related to human rights, social justice, and the law. Using the link below, you gain access to excellent Indian Residential School teaching resources.


8th Fire

 “8TH FIRE is a provocative, high-energy journey through Aboriginal country showing why we need to fix Canada’s 500-year-old relationship with Indigenous peoples — a relationship mired in colonialism, conflict and denial.”

Click here for 8th Fire’s Teacher Guide (PDF) which can be used with many of the videos available online at their website.

CBC 8th Fire Documentary

Where are the Children

Where are the Children” is an initiative established by the Legacy of Hope Foundation which focuses on educating Canadians about the history and legacy of Indian Residential Schools. Information and very valuable resources have been gathered and can be accessed through their website. The ages in which a lot of the content is intended for is grades 10-12. Using the online textbooks in the “Bookcase” section of the Where are the Children website and downloadable teacher guide you and your group can begin to explore Canada’s hidden history.


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