Class/group chooses an IRS, learns about it and the Original Peoples on whose land it stands (stood) and their contributions to Canada and their own Nations.

Now that you and your learner group have a solid understanding of the history and legacy of the Indian Residential School system in Canada we would like you to take on the responsibility of seeking to learn more about a specific IRS and the children that attend that particular school.

Use this TRC map to find an IRS near your location

After you have chosen an IRS to look at, we ask that your group seek information about the following:

  1. Where was this Indian Residential School located? Did it move to additional locations?
  2. What are the years that this IRS was operational? If it moved, what years did it operate in each location?
  3. What church or other organization operated this IRS? Did it ever “change hands” and become operated by a different organization? If yes, what years was it operated by each church or group?
  4. Upon whose traditional territory was this Residential School built?
  5. Learn about the language, culture, values, beliefs and contributions of the people who had their traditional territory imposed upon for the building of this Indian Residential School.
  6. Research the contributions or achievements made by people or persons from this Nation’s traditional territory. This can be an individual from the past, or a living person who is demonstrating their resilience and achievements, in spite of systemic hardship. Examples have included activists, actors, athletes, musicians, performers, politicians, scholars, writers, etc.
  7. Who were the children who attended this IRS?
  8. Where did the children come from to attend this IRS?
  9. Learn about the community, the nation, language, values, teachings of the children who attended this IRS?
  10. What were the conditions like at this IRS?
  11. Find stories specific to this IRS (these could come from survivor testimony, films, dvds, newspaper articles, reports, books, memoires, etc).
  12. How many children died in this IRS?

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