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13 schools assisted in the creation of tiles for the Cape Dorset Youth Mentor Program to collect and create exhibits with. 

 Each of the 13 communities that had residential schools had a local artist create one of the 13 textile pieces like the one that is seen here.  The students created black and white tiles and colored tiles in each of the schools.  The black and white tiles surround the textile pieces and form a matrix while the colored tiles make a mat around the pieces. They were all framed with a protective glass cover.   The Museum in Iqaluit will be hosting the exhibit which will be available as a traveling exhibit, complete with information on the IRS system in Nunavut, to any communities who wish to host it.  First Air has also agreed to transport the exhibit back and forth from Iqaluit to the host communities free of charge. 

 The Cape Dorset Youth Mentors worked with fluent and qualified Inuktitut speakers/translators to translate Project of Heart survivor cards in to Inuktitut.  These cards were then distributed to 9 communities that held celebration and honoring feasts for the survivors and the commemoration project.  The children in each of the communities completed the Inuktitut survivor cards and presented them to the survivors at the feasts and ceremonies.