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Using the tiles from 9 schools, Nunatsiavut Health collaborated with the same advisory members who are working with the Legacy of Hope Foundation on the relaunch of “We Were So Far Away” for their commemoration piece. 

Survivors and the health department collaborated with educators in their region and took Project of Heart right out to the schools and communities.  This created a very connected approach to teaching more about the IRS system in Labrador as well as supporting inter-generational survivors and honoring survivors and their families.  

The exhibit consists of 9 banners featuring different survivors, families, and inter-generational survivors in the communities affected by IRS.  The sets of banners will be displayed in all of the communities and will be included in a mobile exhibition that is being created in Labrador. Click the links below to see the PDF versions of some banners.

Survivor banner Nain draft                         Survivor banner Elenora draft