Westmount Public in Thunder Bay shows its love on Valentine’s Day

Students from Thunder Bay’s Westmount Public School continued their reconciliation journey by bringing candy grams to indigenous students at Dennis Franklin Cromarty (DFC) school this past Valentine’s Day.

And not only were the Westmount students able to socialize with the DFC students, they were also able to show their their support for the cause that matters to all First Nations students…that their dreams matter too!

To support First Nations students’ dreams come true, Westmount Public School students knew that they’d need to write the people in power in Canada who can make it happen — the Prime Minister and his team who have not been doing all that should be. Unfortunately, Mr. Trudeau has been shirking his duties when it comes to making his government (our government) adhere to the orders of the Human Rights Tribunal which would ensure that the racial discrimination that makes it so hard for First Nations students to achieve what they are capable of, ends.

Take a look at some of the great letters these young advocates have written! Listen up Canada! The students of Dennis Franklin Cromarty have vocal allies and they are tired of you not carrying out your responsibilities!

Thank you Westmount Public for showing your love on Valentine’s Day! Project of Heart dittoes what your teacher, Jaime Murdoch says, “We are very proud of the interest and the commitment from our students. Makes you feel like you can make a difference.” And you are! Chi meegwetch!