Step 6 – Finishing up Project of Heart

Once your group has completed all of the components of Project of Heart there are some final tasks that are VERY IMPORTANT to ensure that others learn from the great work that your group did.

1. Prepare a blog for the Project of Heart website to share your group’s experience with the rest of the world. People are really interested to see what learner groups around the country are doing. The blog can be prepared by the teacher/group leader, or another member of the group. It should be sent along with a picture, video clip or other innovative way to share what you and your group came up with. You can e-mail the blog post and visual aid(s) to OR you can post the update/summary on our Facebook page!


2. Print, fill out, and send the Survivor Card to your visitor from step 4.




3. Remind learners that one of the main goals of Project of Heart is to bring awareness and to educate all Canadians about the true history of Canada so that such atrocities never happen again in this country. Encourage learners to contribute to this process by:

  • Sharing their findings with other classes or groups
  • Making presentations to community groups, organizations and businesses
  • Talk to family and friends about what they have learned
  • Keep learning and always seek the truth

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