How to get involved

We welcome you to Project of Heart! It’s great to have you with us.

Before you order a kit, you need be able to commit to three requirements:

1. Returning all tiles (whether decorated or blank) after completion to the Ottawa office. An address label is included in the kit.

2. Promising to ensure an IRS survivor or Aboriginal Elder is invited to smudge your tiles and that the guest is greeted with the protocol of his or her tribal affiliation.

3. Making a modest contribution to the cost of the project. Each kit includes an invoice for $50.00 . Cheques can be made payable to Project of Heart

Process of Tile Decorating: Important Points to Remember

1. If using marker to decorate, use only permanent marker. Colours done with water soluble marker will run if wet.
Drawings done with pencil crayon are perfectly fine as are latex-based or oil-based paints (no water-colour paints).

2. Ultra-fine black Sharpie marker is used to identify the Indian Residential School as well as the province or territory, on the back of the tile.

3. Record the number of tiles given out per participant (use zip-lock baggies included in the kit). Insure the same number of tiles come back. Use spread-sheet to aid you in record-keeping.

4. Before sending tiles back to the Project of Heart depot, please insure that: a) all edges of tiles are painted black, and, b) you are returning the same number of tiles as were sent.

5. Check to insure that all tiles are decorated in a respectful way. If there are questionable designs, ask student for clarification of intent. Use your discretion (i.e. We do not accept “Don’t Worry Be Happy” tiles).

6. If mistakes have been made and a tile is ruined, you may spray-paint tile a “wood” colour, leave to dry, then start decorating procedure again.

7. In order to document your event, Project of Heart needs photos of 1) your participants decorating tiles 2) the Elder or cultural worker 3) participants carrying out social justice actions. Send your 10 best pictures to

8. Project of Heart needs your write-up account of your event. 100 to 150 words will suffice. Student reflections are also welcome.

9. Please send photocopies of participants’ social justice actions with the completed tiles.

10. You may download this “what to remember” chart for use with your group.

11. If you have questions, email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible (during the school term please allow 5 to 7 days ).