Professor Lisa Taylor from Bishops University laid down a major challenge for Project of Heart participants from her Education program, and it arose from a observation made by Charlene Bearhead, Education Lead with the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR):

“Charlene said she was astounded to visit Bishop’s, to spend a whole day here, without seeing anything to recognize Abenaki territory”, Taylor told POH.

In response to her challenge, education students reached out to the Abenaki community in Odanak. Students visited the beautiful Musee des Abenakis, met Mathieu Obomsawim the curator and invited the wonderful Abenaki Wendat artists Christine Sioui-Wawanoloath ( to collaborate with them in creating a collective permanent art installation to honour the Abenaki nation and Wabanaki Confederacy, the traditional stewards and protectors of this territory on which we are privileged to study at Bishop’s University.

The students interviewed members of the campus community to gather thoughts on the practice of acknowledging Abenaki territory as it is just beginning to be embraced by Bishops.

The final slide has a link to an ongoing audio feature created as a space for the territorial acknowledgment to continue to live and grow, convoking and hosting conversations about what territorial acknowledgment means, what processes it’s only the first step in, what more it calls us to do.”

Thank you to Dr. Lisa Taylor for showcasing the wonderful progress your students are making in their reconciliation journey!

Click image above or here to view slideshow.

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The CLC Initiative is a network of 75 schools around Quebec, which has been doing Project of Heart and related projects since 2012. Hundreds of students have been involved. Check out stories from past years here.

At Bishop’s Dr. Lisa Taylor did Project of Heart with her students, resulting in this powerful and innovative digital storybook.

Our blog roll will get active in September 2016, with theory, resources and inspiring stories from schools around the province.

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PoH post

Education students at Bishop’s University’s recently opened their hearts and minds to learning about the Indian Residential Schools. What you are about to see is Professor Lisa Taylor’s class fully engaging in visual design, art education, and the history of the Indian Residential Schools era. Ena Greyeyes, Plains Cree artist and Elder (an IRS survivor from the St. Michael’s Indian Residential School in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan) spoke to them about the arduous but inspiring process of healing the intergenerational trauma that is part and parcel of the IRS legacy. Students in the course had already studied the impact of ongoing settler-colonial policies in Canada and personal family histories of implication.

Charlene Bearhead, Education Lead at the National Research Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, launched the project in October by introducing Project of Heart to all levels of teacher-education candidates in the Bishop’s programme, and from the beginning, they were hooked.

Dr. Lisa Taylor’s students have put together an incredible slide-show that tells the story behind each decorated tile. You may even click on parts to hear students speaking. Several Aboriginal students joined the class and painted tiles in response to the Project. Click the link to see, hear, and feel!

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