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“I know what it’s like to be singled out”

Those are the words of a student from teacher Kristin Jefferies’s First Place program at Richard Pfaff Alternative in Ottawa.

The First Place students were reacting to what they had learned about the experience of being aboriginal during the Residential School era in Canada. The empathy they felt with the story of the abused students of their chosen school — Poplar Hill Residential School in Northern Ontario — showed clearly in the care and creativity with which they crafted their memorial tiles. Continue reading “I know what it’s like to be singled out”

Ottawa School commemorates notorious Mush Hole

The infamous Mohawk Institute was an Indian Residential School in Brantford, Ontario, which operated for over a century, finally closing its doors for good in 1969. Earlier this month, students of Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternative School in Ottawa commemorated the children whose lives were lost as a result of attending the “Mush Hole”, as the institute was known to generations of students. (Click on image to see the set description, click here to see the slideshow.)

Students from art teacher Emily Park’s classroom joined with others students to participate in Project of Heart. Continue reading Ottawa School commemorates notorious Mush Hole

Ottawa family takes POH around the world

The following report was submitted by Warren McBride, an educator from Ottawa:

We are a family of four, including two children aged 14 and 12, and in August 2008 we set out from Ottawa on a year-long round-the-world back packing adventure.  Before leaving, we decided to participate in Project of Heart.  We received the wooden tiles and agreed to keep in contact with the Project of Heart team in Ottawa.

POH would send us, via email, several names of children who had died while attending Indian Residential Schools in Canada and we would choose an appropriate location in the world to dedicate and decorate these blocks in those children’s memory. Continue reading Ottawa family takes POH around the world

In under the wire: Northwestern United takes the POH challenge

In one of its last community activities as an independent congregation before amalgamating to form Kitchissippi United Church, members of Northwestern United Church in Ottawa’s west end gathered in May to participate in a Project of Heart workshop.

Led by POH co-founder Louise Madaire, the group met to do some research and find out a little of the Unitied Church’s complicity in carrying out the government’s “genetic engineering” project.  A map of the IRSs across the country show which denominations and which locations the schools resided.  Participants then met on a second evening to decorate the tiles and decide on a social justice issue to confront head-on. Click on the image to see the photo set from the two evenings.

CBC Cameras come to Port Perry for Project of Heart

Editor’s note: This report reaches us from Port Perry (Ontario) High School teacher Nancy Hamer-Strahl:

The CBC was at Port Perry High Schools Thursday, March 24th and June 3rd 2011. They came to film our Grade 12 French Immersion History class and the Grade 10 Canadian History class participating in Project of Heart. The CBC was very interested in the work the student had produced. Producer Nathalie Bibeau had this to say about the documentary series: Continue reading CBC Cameras come to Port Perry for Project of Heart

Tiles smudged at Ottawa high school

SmudgingOn March 20 residential school survivors and honoured guests joined students and staff at Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate School in Ottawa at the first-ever tile-smudging ceremony for Project of Heart.Our thanks go out to Lisgar Collegiate student Petra Smith who photographed the event; an annoted slideshow of the morning’s programme can be seen here. Continue reading Tiles smudged at Ottawa high school